Book Donations

We receive and disburse book donations to book clubs and reading promotions organisations for use in the field.

The 774 Book Clubs and Libraries Project

Outside of family and school reading centres, the library (and in this instance, the free, public library) should be the first point of call for the would-be reader.

Recognising the state of decline in the field countrywide, one of our principal activities now is our ‘774 Book Clubs and Libraries Project ,’ a campaign to ensure the emergence of at least one book club and properly equipped library per local council area in Nigeria. A survey to identify and locate all functional libraries in the country is currently being conducted by the Network.

The National Book Clubs City Project

We also have an annual National Book Clubs City project where a city in the country that has active NBRP presence gets to be garlanded to serve as the focal point for reading promotions initiatives countrywide. Uyo is the current holder of the status and we vote to choose host cities at our AGM and National Conference every September. At the 2022 AGM, Uyo was chosen again to be host city for 2022 and Lagos for 2023. The 2022 AGM would choose the 2024 host city.

Notably, the tenure of the National Book Clubs City runs, like the equivalent UNESCO World Book City, from April 23rd of one year through April 23rd of the next year. Among other engagements, the host city is expected to facilitate the emergence of new book clubs within her year of engagement.


Our member organisations hold readings and reading promotions activities all year long. These are very rich and rewarding encounters.


The Network hosts an AGM and Conference every September within a city in Nigeria.
It is engaged in the production of reading promotions publications, capacity building for members and activating the emergence of new book clubs countrywide.
It commemorates major national and international book days and celebrations like the World Book and Copyright Day and collaborates with other organisations in the books ecosystem.
NBRP also undertakes periodic research and surveys on national reading habits, trends and infrastructure and hosts an annual awards dinner.