Who We Are And What We Do?

The Network of Book Clubs and Reading Culture Promoters in Nigeria, NBRP was established in February 2020 at the close of an inaugural meeting that was held at the offices of Ignite Africa Leadership Foundation in Ikeja, Lagos.


There are quite a number of book clubs in Nigeria at the moment and they act mainly alone. This preserves their Independence but there are also common interests and engagements we believe they can and should work on together on.

The Network of Book Clubs and Reading Promoters in Nigeria has therefore emerged to provide that bridge. At the moment, we have members from across Nigeria and more are signing up.

Again, the deeper truth in our view¬† is that, as a country, we simply also don’t have enough book clubs to service our vast population. Working together as a network, we are determined to use measures like peer support, mentoring, joint activities, targeted observation, understudy opportunities, and direct training to help encourage more book clubs to be set up and to function optimally. This is more so as collaboration, mutual advocacy and shared activities are some of the core reasons why the Network has been set up.


  1. To bring together book clubs and reading Promotions Organizations in Nigeria for shared advocacy purposes
  2. To serve as a platform for encouraging more Nigerians to read
  3. To collectively project and represent the interests of book clubs and reading Promotions Organizations in the book chain.
  4. To cooperate with all other organisations in the book trade with a view to forging more beneficial relationships and partnerships between readers and the rest of the chain actors.